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Welcome to Indiana University's Campus Cable System - IUTV

The Indiana University Bloomington campus operates a closed-circuit television cable system that reaches most academic buildings and student housing units. It includes 55 channels; two are dedicated for IU specific programming and one is a movie channel. All channels were picked by popular demand.

A Sample of What's on Hoosier Cinema 7 in May:

fantasticbeastsandwheretofindthem Ender's Game

A brilliant young strategist trains to fight hostile aliens threatening to exterminate mankind...(more)
lalaland La La Land

A struggling actress and an aspiring pianist fall in love as they both pursue their dreams...(more)
21andover 21 And Over

A gifted medical student celebrates his 21st birthday with two pals the night before a major exam...(more)
mebeforeyou Me Before You

A young woman acts as a caregiver for a banker who was paralyzed in an accident...(more)

Click here for April's Schedule

To find out when new movies will become available, often before Redbox and iTunes, click here. send any requests to IU Residence Hall Association
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