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Welcome to Indiana University's Campus Cable System - IUTV

The Indiana University Bloomington campus operates a closed-circuit television cable system that reaches most academic buildings and student housing units. It includes 55 channels; two are dedicated for IU specific programming and one is a movie channel. All channels were picked by popular demand.

A Sample of What's on Hoosier Cinema 7 in December:

neighbors2sororityrising Neighbors 2: Sorority Rising

Two years after feuding with a rowdy frat that moved next door to them, young parents Mac and Kelly are about to have their second child and move to a new house...(more)
nowyouseeme2 Now You See Me 2

In this sequel, the illusionists known as the Four Horsemen return to perform a spectacular stunt in the hopes of clearing their names...(more)
sausageparty Sausage Party

A happy-go-lucky sausage and his supermarket buddies including a hot dog bun, a bagel, a sausage and a taco learn about the horror that awaits them when humans bring them home to chow down...(more)
swissarmyman Swiss Army Man

A man stranded alone on a deserted island makes one last attempt at escape after an unusual dead body washes up on shore...(more)

Click here for November's Schedule

To find out when new movies will become available, often before Redbox and iTunes, click here. send any requests to IU Residence Hall Association
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