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Cable Repair

If you're experiencing cable problems, please call the 8a - 5p M-F service number: (812) 855-2111, press Option 2, or send an e-mail to

Frequently Asked Questions
Will I be charged for repairs?
The cost of routine maintenance for your cable television outlet is covered by your monthly housing fee. However, don't expect to get away with swinging up and down your hallway like Tarzan on your coax cable (see the official sounding warning below). Charges for repairs that are the result of improper use or vandalism, or are related directly to the use of privately-owned equipment may be billed to the resident by the Halls of Residence.
Why am I only getting channels 2 through 13?
  1. Make sure your TV is cable ready. Most VCR's and televisions manufactured today are cable ready. If you're using an older set, you may need to acquire a converter box (or a new tv). These are available from many local discount stores and electronics dealers in town.
  2. Set up your TV or VCR to tune in cable channels. First check the back of your set. Look for a switch that says CABLE ( or CATV) on one side and AIR (or ANTENNA) on the other.  If you see a switch, choose the CABLE or CATV setting.
    If you don't see a switch, you can probably set the same option from your remote control. Usually, these features are accessed through a button labeled MENU (although the names may vary depending on the manufacturer's whims and fancy). Scroll through the options until you reach the CABLE/AIR or CATV/ANTENNA options and choose CABLE or CATV. If you see other options like STD/IRC/HRC, choose STD (this means standard plain old cable tv). Of course these instructions are extremely general, if you have your set's owners manual, read it!

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